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Explore our wide selection of products and discover how our sun shading systems can transform your windows into true focal points, highlighting the harmony between natural light and interior décor. At Toldos Teo, we are passionate about providing you with high-quality options that fit your lifestyle and enhance your experience in every space.

We are happy to guide you on this journey of exploration and hope you find inspiration in our window section. Our commitment is to provide you with innovative and customized solutions that exceed your expectations and enrich your everyday life.


Our Vertical Drop system perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics to provide you with the ideal sun protection solution. This versatile awning projects outward, adapting to different specific situations and enhancing the beauty of any space.

With its ingenious design, the Bajada Vertical provides shade and privacy efficiently, while adding a touch of decorative elegance. Its versatility allows it to be applied in a variety of settings, from decks and balconies to windows and patios, always with sophisticated style.

Whether to shelter you from the scorching sun or to maintain a cozy ambiance in your spaces, the Bajada Vertical is the perfect choice to combine functionality and beauty. Discover how this elegant awning can transform your outdoor and indoor areas into places of comfort and style.


The hoods stand out for their functionality, performance and aesthetics, making them the perfect choice for covering windows and doors in both homes and establishments. With a wide range of designs, each hood becomes an exclusive model and, at the same time, an advertising claim to highlight the identity and attractiveness of any space.

With four or five arches available and a choice of rectangular or curved shapes, our hoods offer the versatility to fit your needs and enhance the beauty of your windows and doors. Their carefully crafted design adds a distinctive and elegant touch, enhancing the facade and adding aesthetic value to your home or business.

In addition, our Specialty Caps are designed to meet specific requirements, adapting to your personal preferences and style. From sun protection to decorative enhancement, our canopies provide a complete and harmonious solution for every project.


It is a traditional awning model whose arms are fixed to the wall and provide sun protection to windows, interior terraces, balconies and glass windows.

Classic: The classic awning par excellence

The Classic descends by gravity, evoking traditional elegance and simplicity. Ideal for providing shade and comfort in any environment.

Classic Box: Elegance and protection in a metal box

The Classic Box retracts into a metal box, providing additional protection and extending the life of the fabric. A practical and attractive design.

Classic Tension: Stability and permanent elegance

The Classic Tension arms produce tension in the Classic Tension, always keeping the fabric taut and offering long-lasting protection. A reliable and sophisticated option.

At Toldos Teo, you will discover the Classic Line, where tradition and versatility come together to bring stylish sun protection to your spaces.