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Our team of sun protection experts has carefully selected a wide range of awnings, pergolas and parasols designed to transform your terraces into unique and welcoming spaces. Whether you want to create a shady and cool environment to enjoy during hot days or a warm and cozy atmosphere in the evenings, our solutions are designed to suit your needs and preferences.

Discover how our motorized awnings provide shade at the touch of a button, or how our pergolas add a touch of elegance and charm to your terrace. With a wide variety of styles, colors and designs, you can find the perfect solution to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces.


Our Vertical Drop system perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics to provide you with the ideal sun protection solution. This versatile awning projects outward, adapting to different specific situations and enhancing the beauty of any space.

With its ingenious design, the Bajada Vertical provides shade and privacy efficiently, while adding a touch of decorative elegance. Its versatility allows it to be applied in a variety of settings, from decks and balconies to windows and patios, always with sophisticated style.

Whether to shelter you from the scorching sun or to maintain a cozy ambiance in your spaces, the Bajada Vertical is the perfect choice to combine functionality and beauty. Discover how this elegant awning can transform your outdoor and indoor areas into places of comfort and style.


At Toldos Teo, our Extend line is synonymous with versatility and functionality, providing the sun protection and comfort you desire without sacrificing style. Discover how each model adapts to your needs and transforms your outdoor spaces into pleasant and charming areas. Immerse yourself in the elegance and practicality of our Extend awnings and enjoy every moment outdoors with the perfect protection.

Extend Classic (80, 100, HX, 250, 325, Plus 100, Plus 600): Adaptability for Every Need

With various models depending on the surface to be covered, the Extend Classic is the perfect extendable solution for every need. From small spaces to large areas, you will find the ideal model.

Extend Plus Break: Flexibility and Privacy

The Extend Plus Break, at one point along the route, breaks at a different angle. Perfect for places with special sun incidence and to create intimate spaces on balconies and terraces.

Extend Plus Vario: Adjust to Your Taste

The Extend Plus Vario allows you to vary the degree of tilt once unfolded. Get the perfect angle for shade and comfort according to your preference.


Abris awnings are ideal for gardens and hospitality use. This lightweight canopy allows you to enjoy open spaces in comfort, providing a unique experience.

Abris: Straight gable or hipped canopies

With a versatile design, Abris awnings are available in straight gable or hipped options. Their elegant styling and functionality make them the perfect choice for outdoor spaces.

Pagodas Awnings: Tensioned Tapered Style

Pagodas feature a tapered tapered tensioned canopy, adding a distinctive touch to your environment. Its captivating and sophisticated design enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces.

At Toldos Teo, you’ll find the perfect solution for your garden or hospitality business with our Abris awnings and Pagodas awnings. Discover how these lightweight and elegant awnings enhance your outdoor areas, bringing comfort and style to every occasion. Immerse yourself in the beauty and practicality of our products and enjoy the unparalleled experience they provide in your outdoor spaces.

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They are extendable arm awnings. Its careful design integrates it perfectly in the decoration of any facade. Its closed box hides and protects the fabric and the mechanism of the awning from dirt and atmospheric agents, thus prolonging its useful life. There are several models depending on the surface to be covered.

TOLSANBOX (135, 250, 300,360): The tolsanboxes are extendable arm awnings that when collected keep all the canvas inside a metallic box. They achieve a very elegant look and protect the canvas from inclement weather.

TOLSANBOX CLASS: Very elegant and technically advanced awning. Optimum quality-price ratio.

TOLSANBOX S100: Lightweight cassette awning with an extendable arm system that leaves the area it covers free of obstacles. When retracted, the entire fabric is collected under a metal box that protects the canvas and gives it an aesthetic appearance integrated into the facade.


Our Elegance Pergola, made of wood and stainless steel, is an exquisite canopy that will bring an extra dimension to your garden or terrace. With its dove-chest design, this pergola creates a cozy and private atmosphere, inviting you to enjoy relaxing moments for hours on end.

Finishes in Straight Wood or “Pigeon Chest”, or Stainless Steel

The Elegance Pergola comes in straight or dove-breasted wood or stainless steel finishes. These high quality materials ensure durability and strength, while enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

At Toldos Teo, you will discover the Elegance Pergola, an elegant and stylish option that will transform your garden or terrace into an oasis of comfort and charm. Enjoy unforgettable moments in your outdoor space with this sophisticated and practical cover. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Elegance Pergola and let yourself be captivated by the unique experience it offers.


laza awnings are the ideal option to cover large spaces with solidity and elegance. They incorporate a system that keeps the canvas taut at any point along the route, ensuring impeccable sun protection. Suitable for terraces as well as for extensions for hospitality use, these awnings are the perfect solution to enjoy the outdoors in total comfort.

Plaza 8000: Solid Structure and Impressive Dimensions

The Plaza 8000 is a flat awning that is supported by a solid structure, allowing it to reach large dimensions. With an impressive exit of up to 7 meters and a width of up to 17 meters, this awning offers sun protection for large surfaces with unbeatable aesthetics.

Plaza Solarium: Strength and Elegance in Aluminum Side Guides

The Plaza Solarium has a very resistant and elegant cover, with the awning sliding on aluminum side guides. Suitable for gardens and terraces, its modular configuration allows easy adaptation to different dimensions.

Plaza Vitrum: Complete Protection with Integrated Glass

In addition to the top canopy, the Plaza Vitrum incorporates glass for complete rain protection. Enjoy outdoor comfort in any weather and with impeccable aesthetics.

At Toldos Teo, you’ll find Plaza Awnings, designed to bring strength, elegance and versatility to every project. Discover how these awnings transform your outdoor spaces into welcoming and functional places, allowing you to enjoy outdoor living to the fullest. Immerse yourself in the beauty and practicality of our Plaza Awnings and elevate the experience on your terrace or hotel establishment.



Get the functionality of a sliding canvas roof with the classic waves that give elegance to the covered space. The sides can be protected from wind and sun with a Drop SG awning.

GARDEN C.P. With support poles. They can be two and another end to wall or four poles.

GARDEN E.P. : Fixed between walls, without posts.

GARDEN PÉRGOLA: Decorative finials with the traditional shape of the pergolas.

GARDEN RAIN: Specially indicated to withstand the rain without wear or alterations through its PVC membrane.

GARDEN C.P. : With support poles. They can be two and another end to wall or four posts.

GARDEN E.P. : Fixed between walls, without posts.

GARDEN PÉRGOLA: Decorative finials with the traditional shape of the pergolas.

GARDEN RAIN: Specially indicated to withstand the rain without wear or alterations through its PVC membrane.


They are awnings to be superimposed on other structures (fixed or mobile roofs, skylights, advance structures…). They produce tension by means of gas pistons so that the canvas is taut at any point along the route.

COVER 4000: They perfectly complement other structures protecting from the sun.

COVER 5000: The advance of the awning can describe a curve and continue down vertically. This provides privacy and avoids situations of very low sun incidence.

COVER 6000: Perfectly complements other structures providing protection from the sun.

COVER TERRACE: Flat curved awning that can go down to the ground. It is very robust which allows it to cover large spaces in gardens and terraces as well as in hotel facilities, creating a protected and very elegant environment.


SkyGlass is an innovative roof with sliding blades, designed to provide a unique experience of comfort and versatility. With double glazing and a completely watertight construction, this roof adapts to your needs and preferences and can be supported on one, two, three or four walls, or be freely installed on four poles.

Versatility with Flat Top Awnings (Cover 4000 and Cover 6000)

SkyGlass can be complemented with flat top awnings, such as the Cover 4000 and Cover 6000. These awnings add an additional layer of solar protection, allowing you to control light and heat in your outdoor space.

Complete Enclosure with Custom Aluminum Framing

SkyGlass is complemented with custom aluminum framing for a complete and efficient enclosure. This option is ideal for adding a habitable room to your home, giving you a cozy and protected space throughout the year.

At Toldos Teo, you will discover the SkyGlass, an elegant and functional solution that expands your possibilities to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Immerse yourself in the comfort and style offered by SkyGlass, and enjoy an unparalleled experience on your terrace or garden during all seasons of the year.