Balconies charm in the heights with Teo Awnings

Our range of balcony solutions has been meticulously selected to bring you awnings and accessories that will enhance the aesthetics and comfort of your balcony. From stylish and practical awnings to accessories that add a personal touch, we have everything you need to transform your balcony into a welcoming and charming space.

Enjoy relaxing moments, peaceful readings or special gatherings on your balcony, protected from the sun and inclement weather with our awnings. Whether it’s a small balcony or a larger one, our team of experts will advise you to find the perfect solution to suit your needs and style.


The Drop Line offers different models of vertical awnings designed to protect balconies, windows and glass windows from the sun and wind, while adding privacy and decoration to the spaces they protect.

Drop: Elegance in Gravity

The Drop descends by gravity and is complemented with supplements to attach it to the balcony railing. An awning that combines functionality and style, creating a cozy and protected environment on your balcony.

Drop Lateral: Wind at bay and privacy guaranteed.

The Drop Lateral unfolds horizontally, ideal to protect from the wind and provide a sense of privacy. A perfect ally to enjoy your outdoor space without worries.

Drop SG: The Drop Free from the Roof

The Drop SG is characterized by its free fall from the roof, offering an elegant and sophisticated solution. Enjoy sun protection and privacy without sacrificing style and comfort.


ARMS The Extend Line features an articulated arm system that provides protection, comfort and decoration, without any obstacle that hinders the space it covers. This exclusive feature leaves the area free and clear, offering you a unique outdoor experience.

Versatility in Covering Surfaces

The Extend Line has several models designed to adapt to different surfaces to be covered. From small balconies to large terraces, you will find the ideal extendable for every need.

Extend Classic (80, 100, HX, 250, 325, Plus 100, Plus 600): A Solution for Every Requirement

The Extend Classic range offers a wide variety of models, ensuring that you will always find the perfect solution. Each model offers a different extension to meet your particular needs.

Extend Plus Vario: Adaptability to Your Taste

The Extend Plus Vario is an extendable awning that allows you to vary the degree of tilt once unfolded. Enjoy the freedom to adjust the angle to suit your preferences and the weather.


The Classic Line presents a traditional awning model with arms fixed to the wall, offering sun protection to windows, interior terraces, balconies and glass.

Classic: Elegance in Gravity

The Classic is the classic awning par excellence, descending by gravity with timeless elegance. Ideal for providing shade and comfort in any environment.

Classic Box: Functionality in a Metal Box

The Classic Box retracts into a metal box, offering additional protection and prolonging the life of the fabric. A practical and attractive design.

Classic Tension: Stability and Constant Aesthetics

In the Classic Tension, the arms produce tension, always keeping the fabric taut and offering long-lasting protection. A reliable and sophisticated option.


Tolsanbox Line: Careful Design and Elegant Protection

The Tolsanbox Line presents a selection of extendable arm awnings, perfectly integrated in the decoration of any facade. Their careful design and closed box conceal and protect both the fabric and the awning mechanism, prolonging their useful life and keeping them free from dirt and atmospheric agents.

Tolsanbox (135, 250, 300, 360): Elegance and Protection in Boxes

Tolsanbox awnings are boxes with extendable arms that, when retracted, store the entire canvas inside a metal box. With an extremely elegant look, these awnings protect the canvas from inclement weather, providing a sophisticated and durable design.

Tolsanbox Class: Elegance and Advanced Technology

The Tolsanbox Class is an awning of great elegance, backed by advanced technology. Offering optimum value for money, it is the ideal choice for those seeking style and functionality in perfect harmony.

Tolsanbox S100: Lightness and Integrated Aesthetics

The Tolsanbox S100 is a lightweight cassette awning with an extendable arm system that leaves the area it covers unobstructed. When retracted, the entire fabric is protected under a metal box, integrating aesthetically into the facade.