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We invite you to discover our protection for outdoor space, where you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. With our innovative and functional solutions, we will transform your terrace, garden or any outdoor area into a cozy and protected refuge.

Explore a wide variety of awnings, pergolas, curtains and enclosure systems, designed to create a unique and personalized atmosphere. The combination of design and durability ensures that your outdoor space will look spectacular for years.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the outdoors at Toldos Teo and let yourself be inspired to live unforgettable moments outdoors. Our team will be happy to advise you and make your dreams come true in your own outdoor paradise. Discover the pleasure of enjoying nature without leaving home!


The roller blind is the perfect solution for those who seek to combine elegance and functionality in a single gesture. Its minimalist and versatile design adapts to any style of decoration and offers absolute control over the entrance of light and privacy in your spaces.

With a winding system that leaves only the drop of the fabric visible, the roller blind becomes a discreet and sophisticated option for your windows. Thanks to the wide variety of technical and decorative fabrics offered by Bandalux, you can select the option that best suits your needs, from opaque fabrics for greater privacy to translucent fabrics that filter light in a soft and pleasant way.

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The roller blind with drawer is the perfect choice for those buildings that need sun protection or acoustic insulation, but cannot incorporate traditional blinds due to technical or aesthetic issues. Specially designed for outdoor installation, this curtain combines functionality and style in a single product.

Thanks to its drawer system, the roller blind offers a discreet and efficient solution to protect your spaces from the sun and outside noise. In addition, Bandalux offers a wide selection of high-efficiency technical fabrics, thus contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and providing a more comfortable and sustainable environment.


The Bandalux insect screen is the ideal solution to prevent insects from entering your home in an ecological and effective way. By opting for this alternative, you can say goodbye to insecticides and enjoy a healthier environment in your home.

With a manually operated system, the insect screen curtain is a practical and functional option. Its aesthetic and neat design integrates perfectly into the facade, providing discreet and efficient protection.

Discover how the Bandalux insect screen curtain offers you a sustainable and elegant way to keep insects out of your home. At Toldos Teo, we invite you to browse our selection of insect screens and find the perfect solution to suit your needs and preferences. Immerse yourself in the efficiency and style of our insect screens and enjoy an insect-free environment in your space.

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Bandalux awning systems offer the perfect combination of comfort on the inside and beauty on the outside, adapting to any architecture and space. Whether for balconies, windows, terraces, patios or skylights, Bandalux presents seven different models that can be combined with a wide range of technical fabrics, such as Polyscreen®, or decorative fabrics.

Versatility and Functionality

The versatility of Bandalux awning systems allows you to find the perfect solution for your needs. From balcony awnings that provide sun protection and privacy, to terrace awnings that allow you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort, our systems adapt to every space, guaranteeing your comfort and well-being.

Sophisticated Design

In addition to functionality, the sophisticated design of Bandalux awnings adds a touch of beauty to your building’s façade. With a wide range of colors and fabrics available, you can customize every detail to blend harmoniously with the aesthetics of your surroundings.